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About Justin MacPherson / Owner and Master Trainer

Professional Master Detection K9 Trainer 

Canine trainer and handler certified in narcotic and explosive detection

 18 years of experience and graduate of Falco Canine Academy, Master K9 Inc, Police Service Dog Handler  Academy and Little Rock K9 Police Academy

2001-2008 - Disneyland Explosive and Narcotic K9 Handler

 2009 to 2017 -  Owner-Operator of Dark Knight K9 - Training the common family pet as well as searching Colorado Public and Charter schools with his working K9 partner Nixx.

March of 2017 - Provided contracted services to a  private International  K9  Company as their master trainer for contracts with  military, police and other private security firms.

March 2017 to Present - Owner/Operator J-Mac Dog Training 

We do a consultation to find out what your needs are in training for your family and your four legged family member.

One on One lessons for the entire family!

Private and Business consultations for narcotic, beg bug and security countermeasures.

Offering services to: 

 Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette, Superior & S.Boulder   

Contact Justin MacPherson


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